Natural Gas Runs the Fleet at Randy's

Ridding of the trash plays a critical part of our society’s infrastructure. Randy’s Sanitation trucks and transportation needs as a business require a reliable source of energy to move tons of garbage each day.

From to supplying fuel for its vehicle and truck fleet, natural gas is a key piece of Randy’s sustainability strategy, and one that’s not likely to change in the future. That future will most likely include heating its buildings and looking for other ways to reduce the carbon footprint. See picture A below.

"This transition to natural gas will change the course of our industry for the better… Larger fleets of trucks, running clean, will be much better for the environment," said Mark Stoltman, Chairman of Randy’s Environmental Services.

Randy's Environmental Services is reducing emissions by 70% with the first-ever fleet of sanitation trucks to be fueled by clean natural gas. Not only is it the most advanced fleet of trucks in the industry, but the trucks run quieter through your neighborhood, too.

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