Randy's Material Recovery Facility MRF
  • Randy’s is a progressive company in the environmental services industry and is a leader in their field.
  • Randy’s is the largest independent sanitation hauler in the State of Minnesota.
  • Randy’s invested in a Material Recovery Facility, (MRF – pronounced “MERF”) that recovers and recycles over 100,000 tons per year.
  • This material avoids going to the landfill and is sent to local recycling efforts. These actions help keep jobs and dollars in the local economy.
  • Many of our customers participate in our Blue Bag program. This bio compostable bag decomposes in 45 days in industrial compost facilities. The bag becomes part of the soil and the composted soil regenerates the earth.
  • Randy’s Environmental Services employs 192 people.
  • Of those employees, the average length of service is 9.23 years.
  • Randy’s has formed a new company, Organix Solutions, offering services and products for customers dealing with organics collection. To learn more about this offering, go to www.organixsolutions.com.

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