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Why You Should Avoid Putting Holiday Lights and Other Tanglers in the Recycling Bin

There are many things that should not be put in the recycling bin. Some of these things are made of recyclable material, but they still should always be put in the trash. These items are commonly referred to as “tanglers” and they refer to items such as holiday lights, hoses, ropes, and other cords that are easily tangled. Below, we tell you exactly why you should avoid putting these things in your recycling bin.

Why You Should Not Recycle Tanglers

Creative Ways to Recycle

Randy's - High-Tech, High-Touch

Randy’s is currently installing RoutewareTM software in its trucks, which is a software to help drivers, company employees and customers communicate better. The software has the ability to provide GPS positioning for route efficiency, photo capability, weight, date and time stamping data information and is able to track our Blue Bag Organics program.

Natural Gas Runs the Fleet at Randy's

Ridding of the trash plays a critical part of our society’s infrastructure. Randy’s Sanitation trucks and transportation needs as a business require a reliable source of energy to move tons of garbage each day.

Randy's Material Recovery Facility MRF
  • Randy’s is a progressive company in the environmental services industry and is a leader in their field.
  • Randy’s is the largest independent sanitation hauler in the State of Minnesota.
  • Randy’s invested in a Material Recovery Facility, (MRF – pronounced “MERF”) that recovers and recycles over 100,000 tons per year.