Hello, Everyone! Just a friendly reminder for trash, recycle, and yard waste cart placement!

  • Placement for curbside trash collection is incredibly important. Carts may not be placed anywhere on the street from curb to curb. They are a traffic hazard year round and an obstacle to the effective and safe removal of snow and ice in the winter, and sweeping in the spring and summer.
  • Placing the cart on the street is a violation of most City codes and Minnesota State Statute. They need to be placed on a homeowner’s driveway, behind the curb - a few feet behind the curb or the edge of the street to minimize potential impacts to safety, snow/ice removal and other operations.

We thank you as we all are committed to providing a safe transportation network. If you have specific questions, we are here to help you! Please give us a call at (763) 972-3335

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