Give them the means and they will do it. Randy's Event Waste Sort System gave the Wayzata Art Experience guests the ability to divert both the organics as well as the typical recycling from the waste stream. To have success in asking people to sort their waste, we have found that you should not have trash carts stand alone. Where there is a trash container, there should be a recycling and compost container. The new waste sort system allows easy placement of all three carts. The color coding makes it easy to follow the pattern of sorting the waste. The banner identifying the waste carts is tall enough to be visible from far away. The event attendee doesn't have to look around for where to dispose of their waste. Many of the vendors at the Art Experience served their goods in compostable packaging. The majority of waste found at a large event like this is organic, and can be composted.

It really becomes very simple, as the banner states "take the time to sort, we'll take it from here." The plastic, glass and aluminum was brought to Randy’s Material Recovery facility (MRF). The organic waste cart at the event was lined with the Blue Bag Organic Bags. These bags are Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified. When the waste get to Randy’s Transfer Station in the bags, they are separated from the trash and off they go to an industrial composting facility. In less than 90 days the food waste and food-soiled paper is converted to nutrient-rich compost that fortifies lawns, flower beds, backyard and community gardens, small vegetable and berry farms and rain gardens.

Appreciation for the arts and appreciation for the environment. That's how we work together.

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