As students begin to head back to school Randy’s Environmental Services is going the extra mile to raise the awareness of the increase activity on the roads.  Promoting safety on a daily basis is a very high priority for Randy’s especially this time of year as our students are returning to school.

55 million children across the United States will be returning to the classroom throughout the next couple of weeks.  School days bring congestion:  Yellow school buses are picking up their passengers, kids are walking and riding bike to school and hurried parents are trying to drop students off before going to work.  Please remind your children to follow a few simple steps to ensure a safe walk to school:

  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Plan a safe way to and from school
  • Teach and demonstrate to your children how to use cross walks and to always look both ways
  • Teach them not to be distracted while they are walking, keep their phone in their pocket

It’s never more important for our driver’s to be aware of this activity and for us to slow down and be alert.  We talk with our driver’s every morning before they hit the road about increase traffic patterns, high activity around dumpsters located at schools and the fact there will be more kids in residential areas that have not been there throughout the summer.

Last week, Randy’s took part in a Safety Stand Down with the National Waste and Recycling Association to promote awareness for student and school bus safety.  Randy’s Environmental Services held a safety meeting and ran alerts for the driver’s to ensure that every driver was aware of the increase activity on the public roads.

Please help us make the roads safe in the upcoming weeks by slowing down and staying alert.  Distracted driving and unnecessary speeds bring increased danger to our little ones as they as trying to get to school.

Stay Safe and have a Great Day!

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