Today, our business goes far beyond trash removal.

Randy’s Environmental Services provides responsive and dependable waste management and recycling services to residents, businesses, contractors and municipalities throughout the greater Minneapolis metro area and surrounding counties. You can rely on Randy’s to be your all-inclusive, innovative sanitation company by servicing all of your needs—from routine trash and recycling pickup to electronics and appliance pickup. We pride ourselves on being an innovative leader in the waste & recycling industry, and we're very excited to offer new programs such as Organics Recycling and Document Destruction.

The services we offer are both value-priced and tailored to you and your community.

While Randy’s has become the largest independent sanitation company in Minnesota and one of the fastest growing independent haulers in the nation, we remain dedicated to you, our customer. Your loyalty is rewarded by unequaled service and special discounts when you call on us to service all of your waste removal, recycling and document destruction needs.

We greatly appreciate your commitment to support local business.

As a customer of Randy’s, we’ll work hard every day to exceed your expectations to earn your trust and your business.

  • Company History
  • Family Profile
  • Innovation
  • Company History

    Randy and Sandy Roskowiak started Randy’s Sanitation in 1979 with just one garbage truck and a lot of ingenuity.

    The picture to your right was taken in the early 80’s and shows Randy proudly standing next to his one and only truck.  At that time, the company consisted of a couple hundred residential customers and just a few commercial accounts sprinkled in between.  The business was operated out of Randy and Sandy’s home.  During the day Randy was in his truck servicing the customers, and in the evening he knocked on doors to drum up new business.  Sandy ran the books and answered the phones while tending to a quickly growing family.

    Oh, how the business has changed over the years.

    When Randy and Sandy started out, recycling was quite a foreign concept.  However, today it is a large part of the business.  The recent addition of Organics Recycling and Document Destruction Service has truly set us apart from the rest.

    What was once a “garbage company” has matured into an “all-inclusive service company”.

    To better reflect the full range of services that we provide, Randy and Sandy recently changed the business name to Randy’s Environmental Services.

    Today, Randy’s Environmental Services is the largest independent waste hauling company in the state of Minnesota and is consistently ranked in the top 60 waste hauling companies in the nation. Through hard work and integrity, Randy’s has become one of the finest full-service hauling companies anywhere. Randy’s Environmental Services is a total family effort. Randy and Sandy feel truly blessed to have all five sons actively involved in the business and they look forward to carrying on the ownership and operation of the business in a family-friendly way,  just as it has for more than 30 years.

  • Family Profile

    Randy and Sandy Roskowiak are proud to have all six of their children involved in the family business.   

    • Michaela, their youngest, is currently attending college and is involved in company operations during school breaks.
    • Bobby, the oldest, is the Director of Company Operations. He’s also responsible for coordinating routes, overseeing the fabrication shop and purchasing equipment.
    • Andy, next in line, is the Director of Commercial Sales & Commodity Marketing. In addition to managing the Commercial Sales Department, Andy is responsible for selling all of the commodities that are sorted in our Material Recovery Facility.
    • Nick, Drop Site Manager, ensures that things are running seamlessly at our public drop site at the Delano location. Nick ensures that all materials we receive are recycled or disposed of properly.
    • Ben is our Operations Manager, who manages our shop & driver personnel and oversees our daily business activities while ensuring the safety of our fleet, drivers, and customers.
    • Chris is a Commercial Account Representative whose responsibilities include assisting our customers with their waste removal and recycling needs, and selling a variety of services offered by Randy’s.

    Randy’s Environmental Services is truly a modern day family owned and operated business with a mission to work with all of our customers in a family-friendly way.  While all the Roskowiaks are committed to the success of the business, each member of the family gives credit to the hard working men and women that make up our dedicated team of employees.  It is this combined effort that paves the way to a secure future for Randy’s Environmental Services.

  • Innovation

    Innovative solutions today, and down the road

    In 2012, Randy’s became the first Minnesota waste-disposal company to replace some of its diesel trucks with compressed natural gas-powered (CNG) vehicles. Randy's continues to invest in converting it's entire fleet to quiet, clean burning natural gas and our customer's notice the difference!

    Randy's also operates a state-of-the-art material recovery facility (MRF) at it's Delano location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be rewarded for recommending Randy’s Trash service to friends or family?

If you’ve found our service to be commendable and you “spread the word”, yes, we want to thank you! You can receive 1 free month for each new residential customer you refer to Randy’s.

Can I change my container to a different size?

Absolutely - Randy's offers several convenient container sizes to meet the needs of our customers. If your needs change, you may contact us to look into other container options!

Can I put an old microwave in my trash or recycle cart?

A microwave is an appliance that needs to be processed for recycling. Appliances cannot go in the trash or recycle carts. Other such appliances include:

Do I need to sort my recyclables?

Not anymore! We offer Single Stream Recycling. There is no more sorting of recyclables required. Go ahead and mix all the traditional recyclables together, and we’ll sort it for you in our State of the Art Recycling Facility.

Does Randy's match competitor's pricing?

Not news, but we certainly want to remind our residential customers that Randy's will match our competitor's offer.  Simply call 763-972-3335 and review the rates and services with one of our knowledgable customer service representatives.  We appreciate your loyalty and welcome the opportunity to review the services you have prepaid for, as well as additional services you may need.  Some restrictions do apply. Thank you.

Does the same truck pickup my garbage as does my yard waste?

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) better known as “trash,” must remain separate. Trash, yard waste and recycling get disposed of at different facilities. These trucks may service your home on the same day, but they have different routes. Different routes mean different pickup times. So, you should keep your yard waste bags separate from the trash cart.

I had another hauler knock at my door last night. The offer is unbelievably low. Can Randy’s help me analyze my service and assist me in the comparison?

We welcome this kind of opportunity. Often times another hauler will hire outside marketing firms to sell their services. If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. We do our best to be competitively priced and still offer the best service. We encourage you to call and allow one of Randy’s Customer Service representatives to review your service and pricing.

Is there a weight limit on the cart?

Yes, the cart has weight limitations based on its size and capacity, and the truck’s lift device also has weight limitations. In order to ensure the driver’s safety as well as the safe removal of your trash, you should not put bricks, rocks, sod, dirt, or any other such materials in your cart. They should only contain household trash.

My cart is broken, how do I get it replaced, and is there a charge to do so?

Your broken cart can be replaced by calling our service center. The cart delivery van schedule is not the same as your pickup day. Call our service center, and we will arrange for your cart replacement. There is no charge for carts broken under normal wear and tear.

My cart smells bad, what should I do?

The best way to clean your cart is to rinse it out with a hose. Soap and bleach can be used as cleaning and deodorizing agents.

What happens if I get my trash or recycle out late?

Randy’s will always offer to take double the volume the next week on your pickup day. If the cart is full, extra bags can be set on the side with no extra charges. Call our service center to arrange for double trash to be taken.

What items do I need to call ahead for pickup?

You need to call ahead for anything that doesn’t fit in your cart. In some cases we will have to send a different vehicle for pickup. Given a description of the item, Randy’s representatives can arrange for its removal. We do need all items to be brought to the curb.

What time does my trash, recycle and/or yard waste need to be out to the curb?

We ask that you have all waste down to the curb by 6:00 a.m. Most people find it convenient to set it out the night before.

Residential Testimonial - Jane in Golden Valley

Randy’s customer service representatives do a great job at handling their calls. They are ready and prepared to offer the best customer service.
Jane N. - Residential Customer - Golden Valley, MN

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